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 To read before apply

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PostSubject: To read before apply   To read before apply Icon_minitimeFri Jun 08, 2007 11:59 pm


First of all, to do Einherjar events, you must have at least one job at 75 and have Aht Urghan expansion. We can enter from 60 but it is useless lol

We ask you to be ponctual and friendship for the good life of Azgard ^^.

Events time

Thuesday 20.00 GMT+1 (french time zone) (GMT+2 at summer time, right now)

About the lots

You can lot abjuration only for a job that allow you to wear it, so :

From 73 :
Aquarian (Dalmatica) : WHM / BLM / RDM / BRD / SMN
Dryadic (Shura) : MNK / SAM / NIN
Earthen (Adaman) : WAR / DRK / BST
Martial (Koenig) : WAR / PLD
Neptunal (Hecatomb) : WAR / THF / PLD / DRK / BST / BRD / DRG
Wyrmal (Crimson) : RDM / PLD / DRK / RNG / DRG / BLU / COR

At 75 :
Phantasmal (Shadow) : WAR / PLD / DRK
Hadean (Shadow) : WHM / BLM / RDM / BRD / SMN

Lot rules

- Common items will be sold for the bank LS, and the bank LS will be used to pay free runs
- Hero's Reflections (XP scrolls) are free lot
- Lots on abjurations are "blind bid"

How works the blind bid

When the boss is defeated and that we got an abjuration drop by any chance, the blind bid will start :
- LS chat must be clear !
- I say in LS chat something like "BLIND BID STARTS NOW !" to start
- Everyone who wants to bid /tell me his bid (try to avoid mt ^^)
- You can't bid upper than your maximum current points
- I say in LS chat the current average bid (less than 5 points, between 5 and 10, between 10 and 15...)
- I don't tell the name of the members who bid. The only one who will be known is (are) the winner(s) of course
- The blind bid will last more less 1 minute
- When I say "BLIND BID IS OVER", further /tell are useless
- If at least 2 members have the same higher bid, the higher /random wins

The lot system could change with time...


If you don't respect these rules and try to "steal lot" something, you'll be directly kicked from Azgard. If you lot by mistake, you better have to pass your lot immediatly before it drops.


If you agree with these rules and want to apply, click here.
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To read before apply
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